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My Training Journey...

Do you know I was forced into training  during my first employment when I was just 21?

Yes. It all started as an accidental entry to fill a seat in a class by a visiting foreign faculty. This eventually landed me to taking classes for even colleagues much senior to me. 

It was truly overwhelming. 

The seeds of my passion have been sowed then.

Though early part of my career was in sales and marketing, I ended up as an in-house faculty for almost every learning opportunity.

And this continued all through my employment and even through to my first entrepreneurial venture, a Training Academy when I turned 27.

Nothing thrills me more than that improvement, even small, I bring in people’s lives. 

Therefore, I founded Shri Bhaarati Synergy in the year 2011

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My mission is to work with a million people in their journey towards exploiting human potential to lead a exceptional quality of life full of happiness, creativity and fulfillment.

Greattitude is the Mantra

How we may associate

Transformational Learning is our Focus

Virtual / Online Training

From anywhere. Instructor-led Interactive Virtual sessions, On-demand & Byte-size learning

SY Kumar Corporate Training Classroom Leadership Sales Behaviour

Classroom Training

Experience group learning with case studies, role-plays, gamification, simulation and direct interaction

Outbound Training - OBT

Break from routine, connect with nature, do the unusual, bond well, loads of fun & learning too.


One-to-one/group, Assessments, OTJ; For Personal Development, Leadership, Business Success, Relationships and LIFE!

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer Keynote Speaker L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD


Keynote, Motivational speech; For events, conferences; On Personal Excellence, Organization Development, Employee Engagement

SY Kumar Corporate L&D Training Consultant


L & D Strategies, Impact Assessment, OD, Training Need Analysis, Learning Roadmap, Instructional Design and Train-the-trainer

Wide Range of Topics; Single Focus

Personal Excellence

Reaching your personal best is achieved by shaping your attitude, acquiring knowledge & skills. Our training topics listed here are provided individually or as a customized combo. These modules help you touch personal excellence consistently and create your own legacy 

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Result Focus

Setting Intentions, Being Proactive, Initiative, Ownership, Accountability, Dreaming Big, Going the Extra-Mile, Joyous Journey

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Leading Self

Self Motivation, Confidence, Acceptance, Esteem, Awareness, Discipline & Progression. Till Actualization, All by Self ... Gracefully.

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Managerial Excellence

Planning, Managing Resources & Time, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Attention to Detail, Embracing Change & Challenges

S Y Kunar Logo Corporate Leadership Trainer communication

Communication Mastery

Basic to Business, Oral & Written, Non-verbal, Committing & honouring, Ownership, Getting Response, Listening and Being Assertive

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Relating with People

Building Rapport, Interpersonal Relationships, Being in a Team, Social Awareness, Empathy, Accepting Diversity, Emotions at Work, Guiding & Inspiring

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Role-specific Excellence

Professional Selling, Win-win Negotiations, Managing Sales, Customer Relationship, Customer Centricity, Power Presentations, Public Speaking

Exceptional Quality of Life - for Others

Leadership Excellence

Guiding and helping others to touch excellence is Leadership. Our Custom-designed learning modules listed here have empowered hundreds of leaders to lead people around them and in their organizations towards a happy, fulfilling and creative Life.

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Situational Leadership(R)

14 million managers in 35 countries learnt this timeless Leadership Framework - By The Center for Leadership Studies, USA with the Legacy of Dr Paul Hersey

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Managerial Leadership

Leadership fundamentals for Managers, The Task Vs People Focus Paradigm, Balancing Employee Productivity and Sustained Engagement

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Leadership Facilitator OD

Leadership Competencies

Building Highly Effective Teams, Aligning Organization Goals, Motivating and Inspiring, Conflict Management, Delicating and the Art of Influencing

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Leadership Models, Styles

Transactional, Transformational, Behavioural Models, Leadership Styles, Servant Leader, Coaching, Mentoring & Counselling, Facilitating, Leading without Authority

Level 5 Leadership

The Leader-Follower paradigm, Emotional Mastery, Empathy, Humility & Integrity, Building Trust, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Ethics and Values

SY Kumar Corporate Trainer L&D Consultant Trainer Leadership OD

Contextual Leadership

Leading the Millennials, Leading in a VUCA World, Building Great Organizations, Managing and Embracing Change, First-time, Front-Line Managers

Benefits Galore; Learn What you need

Benefits of Custom-Designed Impactful Learning

Rise to the top

Multiply Performance

Improved Personal Productivity, Organizational Performance, Higher Profitability, Increase Market Share, Sustained Customer Experience 

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The ROI Experts

You learn what you need. Start with a meticulous need analysis, custom-designed learning, high impact roll-out and measurement ensures high ROI.

Tested and Tried

Methodology Par Excellence

Tell us your learning objectives and we deliver high value through global best practices and tools to ensure a great experience for learners, sponsors and stakeholders.

Tell your learning plan and Relax

Together, Let's make it a Great Experience

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